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“It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.” – Ram Dass

Paths. Directions. Decisions. Over the past 2 1/2 years, we have gone down many paths. Traveled in many directions. And made more decisions than I can even remember. From work to health to life, there has never been a life decision that we have made that didn’t include one thing that blocked us, whether temporarily or permanently. This isn’t me being a drama-queen. Like seriously, not even the least important decisions have been without challenges!  I needed a new car. One that would fit our five dogs. We decided on one, found a good deal, went to look at it, and realized that the way the seats folded that even though the truck was ENORMOUS, our super tall wolfhound mix just wouldn’t fit.  Believe me, I know this isn’t a significant issue, I only use it as an example of how even the easiest decision or direction for us, is just that… not easy.

Our path into the world of IVF was one that started with two unsuccessful IUIs, and now one unsuccessful fresh transfer invitro cycle. As I divulged in the last post, our first transfer resulted in an early miscarriage, or chemical pregnancy. This is the same way our prior pregnancy ended. It’s hard to not think that maybe my body just can’t or doesn’t want to be pregnant, but I refuse to go down THAT path. We have SO MANY positive paths to journey down, I am not going to become the woman who detours down the negative ones. So what is next?  Well, like everything else in our life we have several tough decisions in front of us. Here they are, and I would love to hear the opinions of anyone who is reading this:

1) Enroll in round two of the trial. This would mean going through the entire retrieval process again, as well as transfer another two fresh 3 day embryos. It also means we would get to freeze whatever remaining embryos we had and add them to the 5 we have. This would cost us $5,500 including all of our medication.

2) We have 5 frozen embryos from our first retrieval. We can do what they call a FET (Frozen Egg Transfer). With five embryos, they would more than likely transfer 2 at a time, then if neither of those take, transfer 1. Keep in mind that this is assuming all 5 make it out of the deep frost. Not sure what this route would mean financially, but it will probably be the cheapest.

3) If we choose route #2, we would not be eligible to enroll in a second round of the trial. If for some reason none of the 5 make it, either out of thaw or into actual viable babies, then we would have to go through traditional IVF. This path would cost us roughly $16,000.

4) There is a possible fourth path, but I am waiting on word from my clinic to find out if its an option that I can put out there. 

So that is where we are. Four paths. All different financial consequences. All with different physical demands. None with guaranteed results. But all four are positive. All four give us a chance to have the baby that we want. I feel like we are lucky to even have the option to do any of these, and can’t wait to decide which one we walk down.

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