Close my eyes and hope…

8:00 am comes really quick when you are looking forward to finding something out. I don’t roll out of bed ready to go to work, the way I do when it comes to an appointment at GRS. Today was all about follicle checking. I walked in and was hopeful that this time my body did what it was supposed to do.

I was supposed to see Erica, but Dr. Perloe did my ultrasound instead. I love when I get to see him. We talk about everything BUT getting pregnant, and when we do talk about it, its very light. It doesn’t stress me out to be there. Everyone is always so pleasant and smiling and it makes me feel like its all going to be ok.

So for the results of the follicle check (I know all my fertility readers are excited to see this..): I have a mature follicle on BOTH ovaries. One is 20.3 mm and the other is 20.5. Those are really nice sized follicles, so I was really excited. After the check, I sat in the room with Dr. P and his nurse and we talked for 20 min. We talked about this blog. We talked about the amazing things that his son and daughter are doing. Most importantly we talked about everything except getting pregnant and this IUI.

After a follicle check, you always have to have blood drawn. Blood is the only way to see where your levels are and how close you are to ovulating. They look for LH levels and estradiol levels and those coupled with follicle size decide when you trigger. There is a phlebotomist there, Tanya, who is a whiz with a needle. She literally could pull blood from me and I wouldn’t feel it. You have to understand, I have tiny veins. I am petrified of needles. Yeah, I know…I have several tattoos and I have sat for hours under a needle. It’s different. My heart races and I am a nervous wreck when I get blood drawn, and when Jesse gives me shots. There is a new girl there…she is REALLY sweet…but she has a problem with my veins. Tanya always ends up doing my draws, and well, she wasn’t in the room today. My heart was beating..I reminded the new girl of my veins…she looked a little nervous, but she KILLED IT and blood was done.

I always joke with Yolanda that she always calls me with blood results when I am on the phone, and today was no different. Turns out my estradiol levels were better than last time, but he still wanted me to do another boost with bravelle to get those levels up a bit. GREAT..another shot, which Jesse LOVES to do. That brings me to the best part that I haven’t told you yet… Each time Jesse goes to give me a shot, I play LMFAO and Lil’ John “Shots”. It makes me laugh and we dance. So every time you hear that song, just make sure you picture me laying on my bed, pillow over my head and lil John rappin on my pillow 🙂

So tomorrow night we trigger and Saturday at 9:30 am, the TWW starts all over….tick tock tick tock….

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3 thoughts on “Close my eyes and hope…

  1. Jania Bailey says:

    You are amazing for sharing and being so real! Proud to call you my friend!

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